Workshop organization


Requested Drawings (basic format A1 vertical)

• Urban framing drawings, scales 1: 1000, 1: 500

• Regulation axes, scales 1: 500, 1: 200

• Plans, sections, elevations, axonometries, scale 1: 200

• Sectioned model and its possible variations, scale 1: 200

• possible study models of parts and details, scales 1:100 – 1:50

• cahier de dessin in A4 vertical format, bound



Programme (the exact dates will be communicated according to the academic calendar)


Mid September 2020 • start of the workshop

Together with the exercises, thematic lessons are scheduled by the teachers of the Laboratory


Mid October 2020 • First Design Evaluation Seminar

Foundamentals / Foundations: recognizing the architectural plurality / project manifesto


Mid November 2020 • Second Design Evaluation Seminar

Regulation figures: ‘generative sections’ and elevations


Mid December 2020 • Final Seminar




Students will be assessed individually on the basis of the results achieved with their project, in relation to the programme and the memorial-museographic purposes of the intervention, as well as for the participation in the Thematic Studio, demonstrated through the ability to argue their choices and to discuss with the teachers.


The articulation of the course in didactic seminars represents in particular the primary tool through which the teachers will verify the development of the individual contribution of each student to the elaboration of the project exercise, following the practical indications provided during the semester. The examination will consequently constitute the last step of the assessment built in successive stages during the development of the laboratory.

The level of elaboration of the topics covered in the course will also be assessed on the basis of the readings carried out in relation to the bibliography indicated in the programme and during the workshop itself.